'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

There's a reason 'Warehouse 13' star Allison Scagliotti called 'Buried' "the Indiana Jones episode," and it wasn't because Pete and Myka were attacked by a group of vicious CGI monkeys (thanks for that, TV gods!). The final ep before the season finale took the team to Egypt, where they ventured down the dangerous trail of terrors that was Warehouse 2.

Pete, Myka, H.G., and a surprisingly even-tempered Valda (guest star Mark Sheppard) teamed up to shut down the ancient Egyptian Warehouse and save Mrs. Frederic's life in the process. They faced a string of deadly traps and challenges right out of an Indiana Jones flick (or the final act of 'Galaxy Quest,' your pick).

Thankfully, we didn't learn everything there is to know about Mrs. Frederic last night (a little mystery is a good thing), but we did learn a whole lot about the Warehouse and the bond it shares with her, its caretaker. It seems the Warehouse and the caretaker have a symbiotic relationship, and some great force chooses every caretaker and somehow draws them to the Warehouse at some point in their life. This, presumably, is what happened to Mrs. Frederic, but several questions about the character remain: Is that why she probably hasn't aged in more than 40 years? How does she sneak up on people like that and disappear so fast? And what's with the beehive?

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