'Haven' - 'Harmony' Recap Episode 3

The "troubles" are back. Maybe they'll leave if Syfy does everyone a favor and cancels 'Haven.'

Emily Rose and crew sleepwalked through another dull mystery plot in the third episode of Syfy's new supernatural series, which attempts to blend the small town strangeness of 'Twin Peaks' with the paranormal procedural plotting of 'Fringe' and the sleep-inducing effects of Lunesta.

Let's recap ... Audrey and Wournos were called to Haven's mental hospital where the crazy people were acting extra crazy. The hospital's chief doctor apparently lost his marbles too and started tossing orderlies out the window. Turns out that crazy is contagious as a few of the patients escaped and the regular townspeople started acting violent and using each other as dartboards.

The show threw about 15 red herrings at us, which is supposed to be compelling but it's really just frustrating, and we finally learned the source of the weirdness: All hell breaks loose when some dude we've never met before and don't really care about plays any musical instrument. Oh, and three of the mental patients become healthy upstanding citizens whenever they hear him play. Why? We don't know. It just happens. It's Haven, man. Place is crazy like that!

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