Justin Long Gives 'Late Night' Interview in Fake Voice (VIDEO)

Apparently, the voice we're hearing from Justin Long in 'Going the Distance' and 'Alpha and Omega' is his "actor" voice. When he visited 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), his "real" voice was on display.

"Thiw iw how I normawy talk, and I thought we were -- we're not recording thiw. We're jus hangin' out in between segments," said Long. "Yeah, no, this won't air," joked Jimmy Fallon.

Then Long pretended that Fallon was mocking him and made him "rebeat afber me" a proper apology. Fallon had a difficult time keeping a straight face. Long, too, broke character for a few seconds, when he laughed into his 'Late Night' mug.

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