Fringe: "Jacksonville" Review Season 2, Episode 15

The string of standalone episodes finally ended! The main Fringe storyline is back in an episode that isn't as hard-hitting as most of the previous "mythology" episodes, but it still leaves a good impression.

The story starts in a Manhattan office building late in the evening. We learn that for some reason, New York is having some "micro earthquakes," and tonight, they're not so micro. When our unfortunate office worker (Ted Pratchett) wakes up after a particularly violent quake, he's got more than the usual number of body parts, including an extra set of arms and legs, and a head growing out of his torso (not to mention the steel beam merged with his shoulder).

The Fringe team heads out to New York to investigate the carnage. Walter Bishop, with that big, strange brain of his, quickly surmises the cause of the problem and the real core of the story starts. We learn about the physics of parallel universes, which dictates that when you bring an object from one side, a similar object from the other side has to go too, to maintain balance. I wonder if this rule applies to people as well. If so, this raises an important question: What kind of balancing act happened when Walter brought Peter over?

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