PSYCH: "Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers" Review Season 4, Episode 11

Now that's more like it. After last week's so-so episode, we got the full PSYCH treatment this week, meaning Shawn and Gus were in top form from the first minute to the last. In addition, there were some notable guest stars including former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler (continuing last week's wrestling theme) and more importantly, the lovely Sarah Shahi (Life, The L Word) who played Gus' new girlfriend Ruby.

The moment Gus revealed to Shawn that he had a girlfriend, longtime PSYCH fans knew two things: 1) Shawn would ignore common courtesy and basic rights of privacy to figure out who Ruby was and if she was planning to harm Gus. Surprisingly, she eventually won him over with her knowledge of Magnum P.I. 2) Regardless of what Shawn found out about her, the relationship was doomed. As they repeatedly brought up in the episode, Gus is the one who married crazy Mira (Kerry Washington) after two drunken nights in the 90's, so his track record wasn't so hot. And soon enough, we learned about her potential dealbreaker: she was into action sports.

There's nothing better in this show than when the normally cool and collected detectives start to lose their minds with fear. In this case, Ruby and her group of friends (Stacy Keibler included) were going on a rafting trip and Shawn and Gus invited themselves along, unaware that there were rapids involved. "Are we on a flight path?" asked Shawn as the roaring sound of rapids drew closer. "Are those rocks real?" The bumpy ride gave Shawn and Gus a scare, but it also knocked one of their group out of the raft. Shawn immediately figured out was no accident and thus began the mystery of the episode - why did their friend jump out of the boat and who killed his former business partner?

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