Modern Family: "Moon Landing" Review Episode 14

"Moon Landing" was another funny installment from Modern Family, though not as funny as the promos would have you think. Jay and Cameron touching tushies? A guest appearance from Minnie Driver? There appeared to be so much potential for comedic brilliance. Just goes to show you shouldn't start to judge something based solely on the advertisements. The episode was funny -- quite funny in parts -- but I couldn't help but feel a little let down.

Perhaps the blame could go to the wide focus of the episode. As things began, we were with the Dunphys, learning a bit about Claire's working girl past. Then we learned that Mitchell was going to help Gloria with legal advice regarding a recent car accident. And finally it was off to the racquetball courts with Jay and Cameron. And betwixt it all, there was a break-up, a recycling drive and Phil's mustache. It's not like the series hasn't divided up the storytelling before, but something about this week's episode felt very disjointed. There was no overlying theme for which the series has become known for including, so these separate stories felt even more removed from each other.

But there were some highlights. Jay and Cameron as an onscreen duo are virtually incapable of not providing some great laughs. Because they're such polar opposites, there are vast opportunities for humorous conflict. Jay was so uncomfortable with Cameron in the locker room that he couldn't help but complain, and Cameron was eager to playfully make him more uncomfortable. When their backsides connected, for a brief moment, neither one knew what to do. Cameron's shocked delivery of "Our butts just pressed against each other" was hysterical. Once that had broken the tension, Cameron was free and easy about the encounter, while Jay wanted nothing more to get away. I laughed hard when the incident was referred to as a gay high-five, or rather, "a low two." As funny as the immediate moments after the moon landing were, the remainder of this storyline was just okay.

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