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We're starting to see the new Melrose Place lineup take shape, but the powers that be need your help! The CW has recently green-lit the pilot, to be directed by Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim (An Inconvenient Truth - yes, you read that correctly).

First up, Swingtown's Michael Rady (he has also appeared on Greek) has signed on to fill the new "Billy" slot as an aspiring filmmaker. Next: Katie Cassidy, Supernatural's demon Ruby and a cast member of CBS' upcoming Harper's Island (which, if you've read anything about the horror-mystery drama, chances are she dies, so don't worry), is playing a character that sounds a lot like Amanda Woodward.

Rumors persist that the producers are actively pursuing Grant Show and Heather Locklear to reprise their roles from the original. Then there is that pesky Mischa Barton rumor.

But before things get out of hand, let's offer them our two cents, shall we?

-I'd like to see Jamie-Lynn Sigler, who did megabitch so well on The Sopranos, move into the Place as an aspiring actress with "issues."

-All the ladies in the house say "yea-ah" for bringing on former Idols Ace Young and Constantine Maroulias as male models/spiritual healers!

-Or how about former Cosby kid Keshia Knight-Pulliam as a Sydney-type vixen?

-If the "Amanda" role hadn't already been filled, I'd offer up Shannen Doherty, who's always good for a smidgen of controversy.

-Add a generous helping of The O.C.'s Adam Brody and Wonder Years crush Danica McKellar as the new smug, cute marrieds in the building and, as my dad would say, now we're cooking with gasoline!

What do you think? Who would get you to tune into the Melrose Place remake?

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Mar 5, 2009 2:10AM EST

Sorry, I can't see any actors that would make me watch this. Much like the 90210 remake, I just cannot and will not watch a new Melrose. The originals were so classic. They were so controversial for their time, and represented a very specific and memorable time in my life, that it just galls me that they're being redone. I recently started watching the original first seasons of BH90210 and MP for the first time in what... 15 years? The memories! I really hate that they're remaking them. Such a waste.

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