NFL Superstar Jerry Rice Gets Entire Set In A Daze

We know that One Tree Hill is a basketball drama in places--Nathan and the Bobcats, anyone?--but it'll be a little weird when the series returns to The CW on September 14, and more because the guest star there will not be from the world of basketball. Football, anyone?

E! Online reports that former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice will be showing up on the season premiere, in a guest role as a visitor during Jamie's birthday party. (So that makes the Nathan connection a little odd, but anyway.) The funnier thing? What happened off the set when he was around.

"It was really funny to see every guy lose his mind," Sophia Bush said. "When he walked on set, camera equipment was getting dropped and people rushed in. The grips, who don't care about anything, were like, 'Oh my God, Jerry Rice!' People went nuts. And I was like, 'This is man world. We've entered a man cave.'"

Well, if you find yourself in the company of perhaps the greatest wide receiver the sport has seen, well, I can understand why you'll drop expensive cameras. Or maybe Sophia was exaggerating, but you get the idea.

In other One Tree Hill news, Ashley Rickards slightly hints at her character's return to the show's upcoming season. "I think Sam has a really strong bond with Brooke, and I don't see that just vanishing overnight," she said. So it's a matter of which episode rather than will she ever? Maybe, just maybe.

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