'Project Runway' - 'It's a Party' Recap Season 8. Episode 3

My favorite episodes of 'Project Runway' are the ones with unconventional, strange materials, and this week delivered. We did get a taste of party supplies back in season 1, when Wendy Pepper made that horrible balloon "dress" (I use that term lightly). To my surprise, most of the contestants strayed away from multiple colors and stuck with black, white and gray. Where's the innovation in that? Some of the dresses looked like rejected Lady GaGa outfits.

This episode became "bitch about Gretchen" day. I love how the only contestants who were mildly supportive of Gretchen were the ones who had to room with her. As she would talk big game, each contestant would bitch about how either Gretchen was getting a big head or how she was undeserving in their confessional.

We return to the season 2 model elimination, where the winner gets to choose whether or not they want to ditch their model. Gretchen keeps her model, whose name I still haven't figured out. Of all the models, the only one I remember is Peach's model, AJ, because of her name. Later on in the episode, Heidi makes a small twist that the designer who was eliminated in this episode forced their model to be eliminated as well.

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