The Simpsons Episode Recap: "Million Dollar Maybe" Season 21, Episode 11

Main Story:

Homer and Marge are practicing their toast for an upcoming friend's wedding that they will be attending. The next day at work, Lenny, Carl, and Homer are eating Chinese take-out and reading their fortunes. Homer's fortune says he will have good luck that day. In disbelief, Homer starts to throw it away and then he slips in water and hits the candy machine where all the candy then falls out. Next, Homer is walking to his car and finds a CD of Emerson Lake and Palmer's greatest hits. He can't believe the luck he is having and then as he drives past the Kwik-E-Mart decides to stop to buy a million-dollar jackpot lottery ticket.

Meanwhile, Marge is at the wedding, and without Homer there, gives a horrible toast. Despite speeding, Homer misses the wedding and runs off the side of the road and ends up in the hospital. While in the hospital, Homer realizes that he has won the million-dollar jackpot. Because Marge would know the reason he missed the wedding, Homer decides not to tell Marge about his winning the lottery. Barney claims the money for Homer and then Homer hides the money in the backyard tree. Homer decides to spend the money secretly on his family and place the gifts in places that they will find them.

For example: Bart finds a washing machine in the park, Bart finds allergy medicine in his Krusty fries, Marge's car enters the carwash empty but then emerges full of appliances, Lisa finds an astronomy projector in her bedroom floor, Santa's Little Helper digs up an entire dinosaur skeleton in the Simpsons' backyard, and Marge finds a necklace in Maggie's diaper.

Bart catches Homer looking for his money in the tree, so Homer has to let Bart in on his secret. Bart, realizing that Homer has yet to buy anything for himself, teaches Homer how to start putting himself first and start spending his money on fun things. Homer and Bart see a private performance of Coldplay and rent a zero-gravity airplane. After time off from school, Homer tells Bart he has to go back. Bart blackmails Homer and tells Homer that if he doesn't continue spending money on him, then he'll tell Marge what Homer was doing during the wedding. Homer is tired of all of Bart's demands and decides to tell Marge the truth. Marge forgives Homer. The show ends in Homer and Marge singing and going off into the sunset in a balloon that Homer bought because he found out later that you could just rent a balloon.

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