CSI: Miami: Jesse Cardoza Gets A Shirtless First Day

Jesse Cardoza who, you might say? That's the name of Eddie Cibrian's character--the new guy when CSI: Miami returns for its eighth season on September 21. And, at least according to the folks at TVGuide.com, his first scene on the series will involve him taking his shirt off, although I doubt he'll pull a McConaughey on us often. Besides, which other MDPD lab member takes off his shirt?

Anyway, there are spoilers after the cut, so if you're happy to hear that he'll be shirtless on scene one and don't want to go any further, then feel free to do so.

Nope, he isn't going to frolic in the beaches of Miami. His first episode will find him in the middle of the action: a hostage crisis. He's the hostage, in fact. Some introduction for the newest member of the MDPD, a transferee from Los Angeles. Anyway, some time during that crisis, he'll find himself doing some heroic deed, and to do that, he'll take off his shirt.

Nah, I don't think it'd be gratuitous. Maybe someone gets shot and is bleeding profusely and his police instincts kick in and he does that. Nonetheless, it's looking like a very CSI: Miami soap opera-type fashion. And he did that before, right? Ugly Betty?

But you won't be able to see that on the season premiere, though. Remember that the season premiere will be a flashback episode--the one, if you must recall, where we see how the team got formed, through the perspective of a comatose Delko (Adam Rodriguez), and also features a returning Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander). His first episode will be the second episode, the week after, and there we'll find out his connections to Horatio (David Caruso) in the past.

As I told you, it's a very CSI: Miami soap opera-type fashion.

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