Melissa-Jeffrey Face Off on 'The Next Food Network Star'

A few days before we determine who gets his or her own on The Next Food Network Star, fans of the two finalists are understandably vouching their support for their respective bets, notably two critics who list down five reasons each why either Melissa D'Arabian or Jeffrey Saad should win.

TV Squad's Allison Waldman lists five reasons why Jeffrey 42-year-old restaurateur Jeffrey should win The Next Food Network Star as a response to Food Network Addict's Jacob, who first listed his very own five reasons why 40-year-old stay-at-home mom Melissa should win instead.

Those in Team Joseph cite his likeability, culinary experience, star quality, freshness of concept, and, well, gut feel that a guy will win after the bad experience the Food network had with recent winner Amy Finley, who opted out after six episodes.

Those hoping for a Melissa win, on the other hand, refer to her story arc, storytelling skills, and underdog advantage. They also mention that Melissa can potentially reclaim the audience of The Gourmet Next Door, Finley's shows, which was actually a huge hit; that, plus the fact that she can take the place of Rachel Ray, whose two-year contract will expire soon.

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