Hugh Laurie: 'House' Season 6 Premiere 'Humbling'

Just two short days before the much-anticipated premiere of House season 6. The gist: House (Hugh Laurie) is taken to a loony bin (or as he carefully points out, a psychiatric institution) because of an apparent overdose. It was previously revealed that there will be a new love interest in store for him, but unlike what happened with Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), the make out scenes with Franka Potente are anything but hallucinatory. As Laurie himself confirmed, they're very "real."

But outside of House's romantic whatevers, Laurie says the House season 6 premiere will no doubt be "humbling" - and we think we have an idea what he means.

For one, House will cease to be the king of his castle on the kick-off, so to speak. From the genius doctor at Princeton-Plainsboro, he is at a mental facility where he is a patient.

"He is laid bare to a considerable degree," Laurie tells Starpulse. "He's in a place where his biggest single gift, his biggest single reason for living is taken away from him and that is to heal. He's no longer healing, he is the healed. He is forced to start to examine who he really is and what he's there for because up until that point, he's always had one supreme answer which is he's there to solve medical problems, to cure people."

Does this mean House is taking a crucial turn, from sort of justifying his odd and rude behavior because of his skill to rejecting it?

Laurie maintains that this may be so, but in the end, House's gift is not taken away from him per se, but he is nonetheless forced to ask questions. "He has certainly used that gift to define his role and define his character, his reason for existing. You take that away and he's forced to ask some pretty hard questions."

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Sep 19, 2009 2:19AM EDT

I'm sooo excited for this season of House!! :)
I dont want his whole character to change though. His smart-alec remarks and witty humor are why we all fell in love with the show.

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