Recap: "Week 17"

It was an emotional last week on The Biggest Loser ranch, filled with a lot of reflection and happy man-tears. After saying goodbye to Kristin, Mike is convinced that his dad has won the game for him. "My dad is playing chess and the others are playing checkers," he says.

The contestants walk into the gym where Alison is there to take them on a trip down Memory Lane. Tara admits that it's hard to watch herself and wonders why it took her so long to get where she is today. Filipe just laughs when he sees how he looked and how exhausted he was during the first week. Helen is horrified by her disastrous hairdo and to see Mike then and now is incredible.

Alison informs everyone that it's officially their last week on campus and sends them off for a workout where the trainers re-create some of the stuff they watched on the video from Week One. Afterwards, Helen, Tara and Mike try on their "goal" outfits and are amazed that not only do they fit, but they look fabulous. That Mike has really become a cutie.

Next it's off to Dr. H.'s to check in on their health progress. He reminds them that they were the sickest group ever accepted onto The Biggest Loser but today, you'd never know it. Helen, at 48, was biologically 60 years old when she entered the ranch. Today she's down to 50. Tara sees her stomach from Week One and shouts, "Oh, dear God," but then sees her stomach today and says, "That looks a hell of a lot better." Filipe has lost 15 inches around his stomach and Mike, who was the youngest and perhaps sickest contestant, has lost over half of the area around his waist. Ron couldn't even fit into the MRI machine the first week and now not only has he been able to stop taking most of his medications, but the fat pad that was around heart is almost gone.

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