Recap: "Put Your Best Face Forward"

Cycle 3 contestant Toccara Jones throws a slumber party for the ladies to give them the 411 on the modeling industry. Later, the contestants take part in a posing challenge with Benny Ninja and visit Ellis Island for a photo shoot inspired by images of immigrants from the early 1900s.

This week's episode starts out with Sandra back to her old cocky ways. Next thing you know, Toccara from Cycle 3 stops by to give the girls some advice and designer jammy-jams for the slumber party she's about to host.

The girls head to Marquee where Benny Ninja makes an over-the-top entrance and brings his DJ/model friend along to teach the girls how to use music to motivate their poses. Allison, Sandra and Kortnie definitely took the brunt of his jerky criticism. Perhaps they edited out the constructive part?

For their challenge, the girls need to put on some fashions from "The Blonds" while partaking in a pose off set to music. Oh, and the fashions are skin-tight sequin dresses and hideous blonde wigs. The audience chooses Celia as the first heat winner and Natalie as the second. Definitely a tough crowd -- those drag queens in the front row weren't having amateur night. The two go head-to-head and Celia is the clear winner. Back home, Tahlia is in tears because she couldn't handle the crowd booing. She's not strong enough for reality competitions, and even admits it to some of the other girls, who later plot a coup to oust her from the group and give those who want it more a chance.

The models get their hair and makeup done before boarding a ferry to Ellis Island and get a little history lesson from Jay. Their task is to capture that old school feel, inspired by the immigrants from the 1900s where Benny Ninja plays the hubby and a few kids join the shot.

Teyona captures the judges' attention with the ability to tell a story in her picture. London is facing the opposite direction as everyone else in the photo. Sandra's pic pretty much puts the judges to sleep and Benny hates the fact she's clueless at all times. They like Allison's pic even though she looks the same age as her fake kids. Aminat does also get a thumbs up. Fo has the same issue as London where she's detached from the people in the background. Natalie resembles Keira Knightley but is dull. Kortnie looks dead in the face in her pic. Tahlia pulls off an amazing shot that the judges can't stop talking about it. And Celia gets upstaged by one of the kids in the background.

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