'Survivor: Samoa' Recap: The "Stupid" Ladies vs The Puppet Master

I think you can pretty much tell how I'll kick off Survivor: Samoa. Twenty castaways, thirty-nine days, and a hell lot of politics. Or sheer evil. I dunno.

Things start the moment they arrive to shore. The two tribes--Foa Foa in yellow, and Galu in purple--have to choose tribal chiefs based on first impressions. The yellows give it to Russell, "the better-looking Lennox Lewis", who's dead worried about being the first target. The purples give it to Mick, who seems successful in letting his being a surgeon come across.

And quickly, they have to choose four tribe members who are good at swimming, the strongest, the most agile, or the smartest. First impressions again, yep. Respective, Foa Foa chooses Jaison (because he's black), Russell (the evil incarnate, mind you), Marisa and Liz. Galu picks John, Erik, Yasmin and "smart in the ways of life" Shambo.

Reward challenge number one is simple. Swimmer grabs off shore; strong man unlocks big logs and carries it to a balance beam; agile man toes through the beam while letting a key through; and smart man solves the puzzle. The reward's pretty simple, too: flint. Foa Foa moves pretty quickly, thanks to Jaison's experience with water polo, and John not being so good--rocket scientists have to suck at something, right? Galu also had a hard time when Erik struggled with the logs, but Shambo catches up, works on the puzzle, and finishes it--but only after Liz finished it.

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