Recap - Modern Family 1.23 "Hawaii"

Did you miss last week's airport terminal-rific episode of Modern Family? Check out a recap here.

"Hawaii" begins with the entire clan disembarking from a van at the Four Seasons Maui Hotel. Mitchell records Cameron getting out of the van holding Lily, but she's not facing the camera so they try to restage the scene again, but Jay, the last out of the van, thinks three times is enough. Phil remarks that Claire is the prettiest white woman in all of Hawaii. Claire confides to the camera that because she became pregnant with Haley, she and Phil got married quickly at the local courthouse; they never had a real wedding. Back in the hotel lobby, Phil sweeps Claire off her feet and into his arms, but with a little bit of trouble. "God, you're…solid," he remarks. Phil is eager to make this vacation the honeymoon they never had, but Claire isn't so sure. "I'm a mom traveling with my kids. This is not a vacation - it's a business trip." Two hotel employees welcome the family to the Four Seasons and place a lei around Manny's neck. Seeing her son's wonderment, Gloria asks him what he thinks of Hawaii. "I'm home," he replies.

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