Recap: "Three More of the Top 12 Revealed"

Another night, another painful group performance, and another three make it into American Idol's Top 12. Did the singers you voted for find themselves sitting on one of those coveted silver stools? And who will be battling for one of three wild card slots? Let's find out!

Hey, guys! I'm Adam Bryant, subbing in for Erin tonight. I'll also be with you Thursday for the Wild Card show, so you're stuck with me for now. (Have mercy!) In truth, recap shows usually make my head hurt, so we'll just get straight to it.

Having been majorly unimpressed by much of the talent in the semifinal rounds thus far, I had to chuckle when Paula described this group as "amazing," though to be fair she was talking about the Top 12 so far. After a montage of how the final group of 12 got to this round, we were treated to tortured with a group performance of Katy Perry's "Hot N Cold." (Is her 15 minutes almost up?) Honestly, the singing wasn't bad, but the choreography - especially for the guys crossing their legs on the couch - was rough. Poor Alex was so lost he even stopped singing for about 10 seconds.

Another montage reminds us of the night that was on Wednesday. Von, Ju'Not, and Felicia were strong, while "Hamster Boy" Alex, Arianna, Kristen and Taylor faltered. Kendall and Nathaniel played to their strengths as artists, while Jorge and Scott brought the emotion to match their strong vocals. And Lil was in a class of her own.

So, it was far from shocking when Lil was instantly given a pass to the Final 12. Kudos to the producers for not trying to build suspense around a clear finalist, as they have the past couple weeks. With that bit of good news out of the way, it's nothing but good-byes for Arianna, Taylor and Alex, who despite his weirdness always makes me laugh. Ryan narrows it down to Kendall and Scott, who, not surprisingly, becomes the second person to make it through. While I think Scott is brave and inspirational - and definitely was among the better voices in his group - I still can't say that I think his voice is deserving of all the flowery praise he's gotten, even from Simon. Just saying. You all hate me now, but backstory aside, his singing has yet to move me.

More bad news awaits Nathaniel, Kristen, Von and Felicia, who all get passed over. That leaves us with the ever-emotional Jorge and Ju'Not, who apparently suffered from an asthma attack earlier in the day. (Feel better!) Ryan builds suspense by teasing a commercial, but then suddenly delivers the word that Jorge is the final person entering the Top 12. He's very emotional, naturally, but there is something charming about him. I'm intrigued to see how he fares in the weeks ahead.

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