Recap: "He's Our You"

Wednesday's episode of Lost centered on Sayid, as we learned how he became a killer, how he ended up doing the bidding of Benjamin Linus and how Ilana managed to get him to board Ajira Flight 316. The new Dharma recruits settled into their groovy new lives, but it was not without tension as Kate and Juliet squared off over Sawyer, Sawyer tried his best to play double agent and Jack and Hurley sampled dipping sauces.

Namaste, y'all! Thanks to my esteemed colleague Adam Bryant for filling in for me last week while I was in Florida (golf, cocktails, dinner, repeat), and thanks to all of you for being generally very well-behaved in my absence. Let's get to it, shall we? As usual, I've reshuffled the narrative, so bear with me.


We open on a young Sayid in sunny Tikrit, Iraq, who kills a chicken for his more sensitive brother (he was fat, which is TV shorthand for "sensitive"). This act pleases Sayid's difficult-to-please father, and a killer is born! Hooray?


We're in Russia, where Sayid systematically offs some guy. Once he's done, he reports back to Ben, which places him in the post-island timeline somewhere in the "Economist" era, when Sayid was a globetrotting assassin. But Ben has good news: Andropov was the last guy on the list of members of Widmore's organization who posed a threat to Sayid's friends. Or so Ben says, ha ha. So what does Sayid do now, now that the Linus Slaughterhouse has closed up shop? "I suppose you should go live your life; you're free, Sayid," says Ben. Sayid's confusion indicates that the last thing on his mind is building houses in the Dominican Republic.

But that's where Ben finds him next. How did he find him? "I looked," says Michael Emerson, with his signature creepy delivery. Ben tells Sayid that he thinks that John Locke has been murdered, and since Sayid isn't surprised to hear that John Locke is back in the real world, we can place this after "Jeremy Bentham" in the timeline. Ben, his pants afire, thinks that Sayid is in danger of being murdered by the same mythical killer, and gives as evidence the men who are watching Hugo in the mental institution. Ben wants him to start killing people again, because "it's in your nature; it's what you are," he says.

"I'm not what you think I am," Sayid replies, clearly still aching from his boyhood trauma.

This is presumably when Sayid goes to play buddy cops with Hurley, which ultimately leads him to the Long Beach Marina, where he storms off when he hears Ben's "hey, here's an idea, let's go back to Funhouse Island" plan.

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