Review: Nip/Tuck - Joel Seabrook Season 7, Episode 3

Nip/Tuck's final season continued last night and the deep examination of Sean and Christian's relationship got fleshed out even further as the rift between the two of them continued to grow. These two are set on a collision course by the end of the season, though Sean seems to be doing everything in his power to just walk away.

It's becoming increasingly clear that Sean is the key to all McNamara/Troy's success and the closer he gets to reclaiming the life he always wanted, the more on edge Christian is becoming. The problem with that? Their conflict is starting to spill over into the lives of their loved ones.

Despite Christian's long-held beliefs that he's been instrumental in getting himself and Sean to where they are, if you really sit back and think about it... he isn't. What exactly has he contributed? Poor surgical skills? An ever-increasing mountain of debt? And an endless line of patients looking to get D-cups, thus creating the most stale and repetitive work environment imaginable? Without Sean, Christian is nothing and the bottom line is that he will not succeed on his own.

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