Review: Leverage - The Bottle Job Season 2, Episode 11

How do you keep an audience interested in a show that they already know how it will end? The good guys always win and have so far for TNT's favorite scheming do-gooders.

The show runners must have a whole bag of plot tricks and devices they use to keep the show interesting and last night's was one of the most interesting diversions to keep our minds off the fact that good is about to triumph evil.

This week, the team has to save Nathan Ford's favorite neighborhood watering hole from falling into the hands of a couple of wannabe Irish gangsters who are looking to collect a dead man's debt. Sure the job's not about saving some poor schlub's living savings from a greedy corporate fat cat or keeping an orphanage's entire supply of cornmeal and gruel out of the paws of some mass cornmeal and gruel producer. Instead, a friendly Irish pub and its cute redheaded owner hang in the balance. Sounds like a worthy cause to me.

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