Recap Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 4, Episode 20 - Qpid

Q returns to repay Captain Picard for saving him in "Déjà Q." Picard requests nothing, so Q decides to save Picard from himself by testing Picard's love for his old flame Vash.

On stardate 44741.9, Captain Picard is preparing to give a seminar to several experts in archaeology, including Kloff-Von-Droff, Swizer, and McFarland (Picard notes that they are "giants in the field of archaeology"). However, Vash appears before the conference aboard the Enterprise. Vash states that she came in through the "window". Vash instigates an argument (asking why he never spoke of her with his friends), and although Picard still loves Vash, he is not willing to apologize.

After the dispute, Q appears and notices that Picard has fallen in love with Vash, but Picard denies this. Q is determined to show Picard the danger of his attraction to Vash. Q transports the bridge crew to medieval England where Captain Picard is Robin Hood and the bridge crew are the merry men.

Q assumes the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham and has imprisoned Vash, now Maid Marian. Picard must rescue Vash as she is sentenced to die for treason.

At the end, Picard frees Vash, who leaves with Q to explore the galaxy. Q guarantees Vash's safety; with that, Picard considers Q's debt paid in full.

Source: Wikpedia

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