Review: The New Adventures of Old Christine - Truth or Dare Season 5, Episode 13

It's always nice to see that the men Christine falls for are as damaged as she is. Well, one of her suitors tonight is anyway. Things continue developing intimately between Christine and Max (Eric McCormack), until she gets a text from Mr. Harris. You remember Mr. Harris, don't you? Ritchie's former teacher who was so gorgeous that Matthew and Richard developed weird fixations on him as well.

That's right. Blair Underwood is back, reprising his role as Mr. Harris. And while he remains as handsome as ever, things couldn't be more complicated between him and Christine as they were tonight.

First of all, Christine only agreed to go out with him on a dare from Max, while he only wanted to date her to get back at some girl who dissed him 25 years ago in high school. Thus, he wanted to take Christine to his 25th reunion to get revenge, however it is that is supposed to work.

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