Bad Girls Club Recap: Amber Alert

Okay . . . . so to review, Kendra is just as responsible for the fight as Natalie, however, the girls ditched Natalie in Santa Barbara two weeks ago. All the girls, particularly Annie, seem quite happy with the prospect that Natalie will not be returning. The girls happily pack all of Natalie's things (one of her purses looks like MC Hammer pants reborn. Gross) and rejoice in her absence! Kate seems a little worried because for the past few weeks she has been on team Natalie, and now she is aware that all of the girls left in the house dispise her. In a video confession, Kate actually begs for Natlie to come back . . . . what in the world is going on? Kate is totally fake and, to say it bluntly, a bitch. Kate actually goes up to Annie's crush and tells him Annie is crazy and that she (Kate) is a good girl. I can't believe how awful and FAKE Kate is . . . She actually calls Annie fat. Not cool on two parts: Annie is not crazy and certainly not fat. Get some more extensions, Kate.

Next, the girls go paintballing. AWESOME! Annie, Amber and Lexie vs. Kate and Kendra. Who do you think won? You're right . . . the team with more people!

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