Exclusive Clip: Enter The Void

There are filmmakers to take home to meet your parents and then there's Gaspar Noé, a man who is to fragile sensibilities what a bull is to an overstocked china shop. There's nothing half-hearted about his movies, no half measures, and Enter The Void is just as visceral, confronting and arresting as you'd expect from the man who gave the world Irréversible.

It's also a unique visual experience, a neon-lit triptomatic fairytale set in Toyko by night - Murakami meets Blade Runner by way of half a gallon of PCP. It's influences are as diverse as '50s noir, Kenneth Anger and 2001. Fear And Loathing might be a touchpoint too, as you can see from this clip in which American drop-out Oscar (newcomer Nathaniel Brown) takes a hit of DMT and slips into a psychedelic reverie. Shot completely POV-style, its bonkers and brilliant all at once.

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