Hef Talks Transition on 'The Girls Next Door'

So we know that Hef's moving on, but if you want to learn some techniques on how to do that as quickly as he did then you better pay attention. We've heard the story of how his former girls - Bridget, Holly and Kendra - broke things off with the Playboy mogul months ago. He tried to bounce back, and lucky for him he still had ladies lining up to be with him. Now that he's got the Shannon Twins and Crystal Harris, things are just peachy.

"They arrived at a very appropriate time for me," Hef told the Los Angeles Times. "I'd been with Holly, Bridget and Kendra for several years and those relationships were coming to an end. One might've expected a lonely period or a period with a lot of whoever wanted to be here. But instead of that, it moved very quickly and very smoothly into a wonderful relationship."

Well, he's bringing that relationship to the new season of The Girls Next Door. Hef says that what he likes about his new girls is their "sweetness and sincerity." Hopefully it wouldn't be too similar to his last relationships. When those ended, he blamed the easy fame that his girls received for being that big a part of Playboy.

"They had other things going on, and I was happy for them," he said. However, it was greatly affecting his bond with Holly Madison and the others. Hef was aware that it was time to just finish that off.

"My reaction always to a lost love is to, you know, get back in the game," he revealed. "But what I didn't expect was, I did not expect something so very dear, so very quickly."

Okay, so being lucky and a millionaire are the most likely reasons for Hef to get these ladies so easily. I highly doubt it's his looks that make the new Girls Next Door go crazy over him, but they're stuck there and they wouldn't have it any other way.

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