Interview: 'Outlaw' Ben Browning of 'Survivor: Samoa'

After lasting just three episodes 28 year old Ben Browning, the mixologist originally from Kirksville, Missouri, may be the most controversial Survivor contestant of all time. Or perhaps controversy would have required Ben to have a lot of fans defending him. So far I have yet to find one.

Ben became the first contestant ever ejected from a challenge after taking out Russell Swan's leg from behind, later remarking he didn't know he was playing by Jeff Probst's "sissy rules." The self-proclaimed 'outlaw' used derogatory language towards women on several occasions and called Yasmin "ghetto trash" on the verge of becoming a prostitute. But remember, he doesn't start arguments. He just 'reacts.' Whether or not he will be missed, Ben will be remembered.

In our interview, I asked Ben whether he had ever felt like someone had discriminated against him, how he would respond to Jeff Probst's recent blog claim of 'owning him' in Q&A, and whether he can truly say that no woman has ever rejected him.

While Ben was brief and not always to the point, he did reveal one bit of interesting information that's bound to leave some readers regretting their lunch decisions. The nature of his real victory over Marisa.

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