Robert Downey Jr Busy year

Why was 2008 so busy for Robert Downey Jr.? Because we just couldn't get enough of him. The man's had a lot of career ups and downs, but this just might have been his biggest year ever.There was a little thing called Iron Man, which shot to the top of the box office as the Summer's first true blockbuster and was basically just the most fun ever. It didn't take long for Marvel to decide that Downey's man-robot deserved another go-round, with Iron Man 2 already scheduled to open in May 2010 and Iron Man 3 in development, too. Tony Stark's also going to be showing up in The Avengers, making Robert Downey Jr one of the busiest superheroes on the block.

But that's not all. He also took on a role that could have been incredibly controversial or just bad, an awards-obsessed actor who physically changed his skin to play a black man — and pulled it off perfectly. Tropic Thunder became Downey's second box office winner of the Summer — and this time, the role nabbed him a Golden Globe nomination and your votes as the best comedic male actor of the year.

And Downey shouldn't be falling off the radar anytime soon. Besides the Iron Man and Avengers films, he's also signed on to play Sherlock Holmes, will be a cowboy who battles aliens, and will be back in theaters this Spring in The Soloist. It's so good to see him back at the top of his game; here's hoping that 2008 is just the start.



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