HAWAII FIVE-0 ''Ohana'' Review Episode 2

An ex-NSA cyber-terrorism expert is kidnapped in brought daylight, all while on the phone with his son in this episode of HAWAII FIVE-0, called Ohana. Meanwhile, Kono's Police Academy graduation ceremony is coming up and she wants all of her family there, including Chin. He's not so sure it's a good idea, seeing how every other cop in the city thinks he's dirty, and he doesn't want her to get the same reputation just from being seen with him. The team narrows down the kidnappers to a Serbian group, but when Kono and the boy are kidnapped too, they have to figure out how to save them all while preventing a breach of national security. The bad guys need the guy to shut down a radar system so that they can get a plane flown in and as soon as he sees his son, he'™s more than ready to do it. The team gets there just after the plane lands, but they still manage to catch all the bad guys. After all the excitement, Kono misses her graduation but the team gives her one themselves, complete with gifts and a swearing-in.

My favorite bits...

Totally thinking the kid was going to call his dad something else when he said '''dictator''. LOL.

The poor kid on the phone having to listen to his father not only get into an accident, but kidnapped as well.

Danny pointing out that he likes his tie because he wants to look like he's from the mainland. Funny how he somehow looks more sloppy in a tie and button down shirt than McGarrett looks in teeshirts. I do like the tie though.

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