Recap: Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Season 8 may be halfway done, but a whole new contest is just beginning. Dancing with the Stars introduces a new pro dancer competition in preparation for next season just as another dancer's run comes to a close. Who got axed? Who are the potential new pros? Find out below.

Hey now, Lil Kim gets three encores in a row - sort of. The groovy group dance gets the encore spot... and LT looks even less enthused the second time around. C'mon, dude, this is your penultimate dance. Mean, yes. But who's not with me on this? I'm still picking up my jaw off the floor from Monday after finding out Shawn learned this thing by herself. I barely mastered the Macarena steps myself (this is back in 1996, FYI). In the recap, LT shares that he's happy with the 21... and of course you'd never know it. Ty's little engine that could is going back uphill. Julianne tells her brother she's allowed to shake her butt more. And sounds like she's 5 while doing it.

If you thought we couldn't beat last week's body-language expose, well, you were wrong. Here comes expert opinion on the toll Dancing's taking on everyone's body. Obviously, we're too dense to infer anything from the plehtora of injuries. Sanjay Gupta turned down the post of Surgeon General to become a Dancing consultant. Who wouldn't? He says everyone's increasing blood flow and engaging core muscles. Christine Avanti calculates the calories everyone's burned and doesn't want LT to eat 33 hamburgers. But it's OK if I do? Dr. Glenn Pfeffer says when contestants throw caution to the wind, they get injured, ergo they need to push to the breaking limit but not beyond it. I don't think you need an M.D. to determine this.

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