STARGATE UNIVERSE ''Intervention'' Advance Review Season 2, Episode 1

The crew of the Destiny lost control of the ship to the Lucian Alliance at the end of the last season of STARGATE UNIVERSE. Now only a handful remain free, including Dr. Rush, who still has control of portions of the ship's computer. He works to even the playing field while Eli helps Greer and Scott get back in the ship before a nearby pulsar fries them, and everyone else, to death.

As always, this Battlestar Galactica clone (come on, let's be honest here) is more personalities than science. There was practically none of the science bits that made SG-1 great. Then again, fans know all the Stargate-specific stuff and newcomers aren't being bombarded with esoteric terminology that would derail the drama. So while I'm nostalgic for some of that good ol' SG-1/Star Trek feel, I can't complain too much since I'm loving every second so far.

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