'Glee' Recap: It's a 'Britney/Brittany' Bonanza/Sex Riot Season 2, Episode 2

OMGLEE IT'S BRITNEY DAY. I was so excited earlier that I felt like I had to pee a little. But it wasn't pee. It was GLEE. For weeks now I've been so excited for the Glee Britney episode (because I have no life like it's my job and Britney nostalgia like it's a chronic bone disease) that I actually got worried earlier that my brain would explode from happiness poisoning and all I would be able to write is "Durrrrrrrr" all the way down the page.

Even if this recap can't fully capture the Spears-tacular Brit-nanza we just saw (SPOILER ALERT: it can't), look on the bright side: At least these are real words. And, like Dr. Carl says, we should always be doing things that feel good for no reason, like making jokes about a show that has lots of the best jokes around already included. Now let's get our anesthesia on and discuss that Britney Spears sex riot, my little butt sweat stains:

So tonight's Glee plot was basically Glee plus Inception plus The Wizard of Oz plus Footloose plus She's All That. Times drugs. Divided by commercials.

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