Better Off Ted Episode 4: "Racial Sensitivity" - Recap

Better Off Ted just keeps getting better and better. Last night's episode, which was the fourth of the series, focused on the topic of racism in possibly the funniest way the subject could have been handled.

Lem discovered that the motion sensors were not detecting him and that's because they were based off light reflecting off skin and did not work for black people. As a result Lem could not use the same water fountains as white people. Good thing there wasn't a company bus.

Lem Can Use the Water Fountain

Catch up on how Veridian Dynamics dealt with this problem in the most inane way possible in our "Racial Sensitivity" recap and enjoy some of the best Better Off Ted quotes yet:

Phil: Did you put hydrochloric acid in this mug?

Lem: Oh, yeah. I was trying to get the stains out.

Phil: You know, soap would work, and it wouldn't kill someone if they accidentally drank it.

Lem: But soap leaves a film

Veronica: I know what it's like to see the ugly face of discrimination.

Lem: You do?

Veronica: Yes, I do. When I was 16, I was 5'9" and stunning. I mean, off-the charts gorgeous. At school, I was like a swan among the ugly ducklings. all the other girls hated me. And like our light sensors are doing to you, totally ignored me. If it wasn't for the modeling contracts and the comfort of college boys, I don't know if I would have made it.

Phil: Wow. I had no idea.

Veronica: No, how could you? You're still not 5'9"

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