Corey Haim Revs Up for Crank: High Voltage and More

It's been more than two decades since Corey Haim's role in the vampire classic The Lost Boys catapulted him to teen fame. More hit movies followed (License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream), and seemed to promise success beyond his heartthrob years - until drug addiction derailed his career.

Now, Haim is making good on a comeback attempt that began with a Variety ad last year. The full-page promotion featured a black-and-white photo of the actor with the text, "This is not a stunt. I'm back. I'm ready to make amends. I'm ready to work."

His unusual publicity move must have worked: Haim has several movie projects lined up for later this year, and an action-packed cameo in Crank 2: High Voltage (in theaters), which finds him getting a brutal smack-down in scenes he describes as "suggestive... gross, and bloody and great."

Later this year, Haim will star in Shark City, a comedy, and the horror flick New Terminal Hotel.

Haim is embracing his second chance - even if things have changed. "My producers are like 20 years old now, instead of 60 or 70," he said. "I'm loving it, and ... I just want to work, and that's what I'm doing, thank God, on stuff I want to do. Crank is like a major bonus."

Outside of his film career, troubles remain. His reality show with Corey Feldman, A&E's The Two Coreys, ended in July 2008 after Haim relapsed and he and his co-star stopped speaking. "As a friend and somebody that cares deeply about the guy, I'm not going to watch him destroy himself," Feldman told People when the show ended its run.

Will Haim try to reconcile with his old friend? He shrugs off the question. "That's just a waste of ink," he said. "I don't know, sweetheart. But thank you for asking."

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