'House' Season 6, Episode 17 - 'Knight Fall' Recap

One of the hardest things for a long running show to do is keeping the audience guessing. That's not normally a problem for 'House,' a show that throws around more 15-letter medical words and scientific terms than a 'NOVA' marathon.

Unpredictability is harder to pull off than it sounds. One wrong twist and an entire promising plot is sent off to into a ridiculous death spiral more ludicrous than a "the whole thing was just a dream" plotline. 'House' had two good plotlines and both of them stayed within the boundaries of believability.

This time, 'House' is stuck with two dominant plotlines instead of four or five like last week's "Lockdown" experience. Both of them were interesting and engaging and managed to "zig" when you thought they would "zag," even if their options for "zagging" were limited in some cases.

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