'United States of Tara' Season 2, Episode 5 - 'Doin' Time' Recap

There's something very comforting about the massive dysfunction among Tara and her family, especially since they have such a way of not letting the craziness really get to them. It's almost as if Tara's condition has prepared those around her to accept whatever slings and arrows get tossed their way. More on the latest patient of Dr. Shoshona Schoenbaum and Neil's hairy back patch after the jump.

So the doctor is in. Max was not amused by Tara's latest alter, Dr. Shoshona, assuming that she was simply another sign that Tara's transitioning and is -- therefore -- not well. But Tara's actually doing pretty well. The new alter is a healer, and there's something about the Hubbard house that's triggering Tara's memories. We're still in the dark about Tara and Charmaine and whoever Mimi was, but at least there's movement.

The latest persona for Toni Collette, Dr. Schoenbaum, is a brilliant turn. And her office in that early 1970s house is spot on. The whole Shoshona thing just cries out 1973! And the doctor is sort of a Carly Simon type with a New York Jewish bent. When she turned up in Tara's car, she correctly surmised that Tara was avoiding going after Max because she hadn't worked out her own issues. The scene outside the car had some amazing matching in the Tara/Shoshana shots. Really well done. You couldn't tell where the line was between them.

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