Doctor Who Season 5, Episode 7: "Amy's Choice" Review

It's always nice when Doctor Who stretches its already flexible format and tries something a little bit different. Mentally scanning back through time, the likes of 'Midnight', 'Turn Left', 'Father's Day' and even the mega-polarising 'Love & Monsters' (we like it by the way), have gone a long way in demonstrating that the 50-year-old formula can still surprise, delivering some of the show's freshest stories when it reaches beyond monster-of-the-week. And now, we can add 'Amy's Choice' to the list.

It's fairly high-concept, even for Doctor Who, with our time-travelling trio (Rory still in tow) finding themselves stranded in two alternate worlds. With danger looming on both sides, and a sinister new foe in the form of Toby Jones' Dream Lord, the Doctor and co. are tasked with figuring out which of their two new realities - onboard the TARDIS and five years in the future in the sleepy village of Upper Leadworth - is real. As the Dream Lord puts it, "If you die in the dream world, you wake up in reality." And if you die in reality? "You die, stupid".

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