Smallville: "Warrior" Review Season 9, Episode 12

After last week's "Absolute Justice" event I was a little concerned that the rest of the season would have trouble matching its quality. "Warrior", which was originally intended to air a week before "Absolute Justice," didn't disappoint in the slightest. The transformation of young Alec Abrams into Stephen Swift/Warrior Angel was reminiscent of Billy Batson transforming into Captain Marvel. Of course, there was no "SHAZAM!" or bolt of lightning crashing down from the skies but magic remained the primary catalyst for the change from boy to man and the fully grown Abrams still retained the mind of his younger self. I'll admit that I'm a little disappointed they didn't just do a Captain Marvel story but Warrior Angel is a familiar character to long time Smallville fans and I can understand the reasoning for wanting to reuse that name. Also, Batson never had to worry about turning into a super villain if he was double crossed.

Carlo Marks, who played Stephen Swift/Warrior Angel, did an exceptionally good job playing an adult who still had the mind of a child. A funny tid-bit about Carlo Marks; he previously played Chloe's love interest in the the alternate universe story "Apocalypse."

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