Recap: "Spy in the House of Love"

Who would have thought fusing Dollhouse with Rashomon would lend the show a storytelling device needed to deliver its most fast-paced episode yet? In "Spy in the House of Love," we followed our four main dolls on their individual engagements - which added up to a wealth of revelations, plot twists and resolutions.

The episode began near the end of the story. I found myself asking the type of questions usually reserved for the teaser of an episode of Lost: Where are we? The Dollhouse. Who are these people? The staff. And what is that lightning? It's the result of a procedure a little more intense than the normal imprinting.

As Echo and Sierra look on, the electric shocks fly. There is a gunshot, and then blood splatters the frosted glass. Echo's analysis of the situation? "She made a mistake. Now she's sad."

Hours earlier, Echo returned from a dominatrix engagement ("It's about trust") just as Victor was sent out for the tenth time as Roger on the Miss Lonely Hearts engagements. She doesn't approve of repeated imprinting. My first reaction to that? November. She's been engaged as Mellie for months and surely wiped clean a dozen times or more.

Upstairs, Topher continues to bestow his graces upon "Ivy, babe." Today's lesson, the post-wiping script. As I've expressed before, Topher lords his code phrases over the dolls. He relishes his ability to put them at ease with the power of his voice. He's trying to pass that feeling onto Ivy but finds her attitude unpleasant.

Adelle is preparing to leave the Dollhouse in the hands of Laurence for the next 48 hours. She tells her head of security that she's been called in by Rossum to discuss the current state of The House. November is taken for a treatment while Echo is on her way to see Dr. Saunders.

Later, Topher comes running up to Boyd. The resident genius has found a chip that would allow a mole to manipulate the personalities he works so hard on. Echo waves to November, who now wonders who this strange woman is and why she's waving. The House is placed on lockdown and Sierra is taken in for a treatment.

A curious Echo goes upstairs to investigate. She doesn't see Sierra being abused in the lab, but does see Topher in the chair. He's being pressed for information by Laurence about the identity of the spy. When Laurence and Sierra leave the lab, Echo makes her entrance. She tells Topher that she knows he makes people different and he should make her different so she can help.

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