LOST "Lighthouse" Review (Season 6 Episode 5)

What did you think of tonight's episode of Lost "Lighthouse"? Wasn't it crazy?!

So there were more mentions tonight of Jack and Claire's dad. I wonder what part he plays in all this? Why did his body disappear when he landed on the island and why was his body lost in the other reality? I have a feeling he plays a larger role than I originally thought. I think when the plane crashed in Season 1 he went the same way that Locke did.

Who do you think Jacob was speaking about when he told Hugo somebody is coming to the island. Charles? New Candidates?

I'm still not quite understanding what is up with this whole alternate reality thing. Is it what would have happened if Jacob hadn't touched their lives? And, Jack HAS A SON?! Kind of an odd kid as well don't you think? Who's the mom? It seems like no matter what reality Jack lives in, he just can't be happy. I don't understand why the temple guy and his son were at the audition. But then again, I still don't understand why Ben has become a school teacher.

Now let's talk about the lighthouse. Where the F did it come from? It seems to be the device that Jacob used to summon his candidates to the island. I thought Desmond punching in the numbers was what brought them in? No? Either way, it doesn't seem to matter now that Jack went Chuck Norris on it.

Lastly there is evil Claire and evil Locke. First off, evil Claire is WAY more evil it seems as she has gone ax murderer (and also seems to be bringing some truth to these allegations). I understand that she wants Aaron back, but didn't she leave him in the first place? Kate better watch out, she's going to be walking right into a death trap and Jin is already in the middle of one.

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