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There's plenty to look forward to as Gossip Girl inches closer to the season finale. As BuddyTV reported previously, the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl will take the form of a flashback, laying the groundwork for a spin-off focusing on Lily van der Woodsen during her younger years, which could start as soon as next fall. We can also expect more drama from Nate's (Chace Crawford) super-rich cousin Tripp Vanderbilt (Aaron Tveit) and his fiancee, Maureen (Holley Fain). Then there's the handsome European socialite (Armie Hammer) who will pave the way for the season-ending storyline the show is planning, which is loosely inspired by actress Anne Hathaway's controversial romance with Italian real estate developer Raffaello Follieri.

It seems that there will be a lot of trouble and intrigue in the Upper East Side as the season concludes but cast member Ed Westwick hints otherwise. And while he didn't spill any spoilers or plot details, he did, however, promise that it will be a happy season finale.

"Well, you know, we like to keep our audience on their toes," Westwick, who portrays Chuck, told MTV News. "We just shot the finale for the season, and there's an interesting conclusion. A happy one, I hope everyone will think."

Westwick, who is currently dating co-star Jessica Szohr (Vanessa), hasn't exactly been discreet about his love life as the couple has been spotted together several times on various occasions. On the other hand, he wouldn't comment on his onscreen love affairs.

"I can't reveal these kinds of things," he said of whether Chuck and Blair (Leighton Meester) will eventually rekindle their flame. Instead, he advises fans to "Watch! Watch. You have to watch!"

"I'm not revealing anything, you know. You're not gonna get me," he added.

Catch the remaining episodes of Gossip Girl every Monday at 8pm on The CW.

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