NIKITA ''2.0'' Review

With NIKITA, The CW departs from its general fare of teenage high jinks and debauchery. (And before the hate mail starts, no, I don't consider Supernatural part of the debauched group.) The darker, action-packed pilot episode of Nikita was largely a vehicle for introducing the characters, their background and relationships. So inevitably, the second episode 2.0 would have to modify its presentation and vamp up its plot, in order to maintain viewer interest and make us care every time Nikita and Michael miss their chance at killing each other. For the most part, the episode does do this.

Michael and Percy place Dadich, a former Slavic leader and war criminal, under Division's protective custody. Division offers to return Dadich to the seat of power if he gives them the whereabouts of his stash of enriched uranium. Alex gets activated for Operation Dadich, acting as an escort. Nikita attempts to interfere with Division's plans, but is thwarted by a group of mercenaries who are also seeking nuclear materials. They kidnap Dadich to get the GPS which stores the uranium's location. But a gun fight breaks out, ending with Nikita destroying the GPS. In between these scenes, we learn that one year ago Nikita handpicked Alex as her accomplice; saved her from a drug addict's life; and gave Alex a reason to live.

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