Legend of the Seeker: "Princess" Review Season 2, Episode 13

A comedic episode for Legend of the Seeker, "Princess" gives us Cara dressed up and forced to act the part of a well-bred lady, Richard as a playboy, and Zedd in drag. The excuse for all of these shenanigans is that, according to Zedd, it is the only way to rescue the kidnapped Kahlan.

With Kahlan in the Margrave of Rothenberg's dungeon, her situation is dire and everyone is anxious to rescue her, or so they say. Rejecting Richard's plan of digging a tunnel to Kahlan, Zedd comes up with the idea of impersonating a princess and her party who are on their way to be courted by the Margrave. While this is what gives the episode its comedic fodder, getting Cara prepped for the plan is complex enough that it starts to seem like Richard's tunneling idea might have been the quicker solution. In addition, once the trio arrives at the court, the majority of the episode is spent in the wacky goings-on of watching Cara try to pretend to be a lady. While it is often funny, the episode loses the sense that Kahlan is facing her doom while we watch Cara's attempts at rhyming and embroidery.

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