Being Human "Series 2, Episode 8" Review

Hear that twanging sound? That's the noise of Being Human catapulting itself into a whole other league. Despite a handful of late series blips, Season 2 has been a bit of a belter for George, Annie and Mitchell, shifting the show from quirky small time comedy-drama into a much darker, increasingly-assured territory. Despite its new-found confidence though, absolutely nothing had us prepared for the show's utterly jaw-dropping conclusion.

Events had already moved from casual jaunt to full on sprint at the end of last week's episode, with Annie, George and Nina firmly in the grip of Father Kemp and Lucy Jaggat, not to mention a thoroughly unhinged Mitchell hot on their tail. Episode 8 picked up the baton and refused to let up the pace, making for an exhilarating, exhausting and breathlessly intense concluding hour.

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