SCOUNDRELS ''Where Have You Been, Charming Billy'' Review Episode 4

A funeral for a family friend turns into a welcome home (temporarily) party for Wolf on the ''Where Have You Been, Charming Billy” episode of SCOUNDRELS. Cal’s best friend and frequent accomplice Billy is killed during a job and the West family and their friends gather to mourn. Wolf is allowed to attend under the very relaxed guard of Russell the pushover cop and he settles in like he had never left leading Cheryl to decide that the family is better off with him in prison. Hope almost loses her best friend by trying to sleep with him while Logan deals with the fact that he is Wolf’s third favorite son out of two.

By the fourth episode of a new show, you have a good sense of the general quality of the show and whether or not it will be involving and/or fun. Scoundrels is bad and it’s neither involving nor fun. The concept has possibilities, but the execution is poor. The writing is trite, the plots are predictable, and the constant we’re going straight,” no, we’re not” tug of war is already tiresome.

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