How I Met Your Mother Season 5, Episode 16: ''Hooked'' Review - Featured

How I Met Your Mother excels at shining its spotlight on dating concepts that no other sitcom has covered before. It's a fairly impressive feat considering how long situation comedies have been on TV, and the fact that HIMYM itself is in its fifth season. This week's topic -- how someone can be hooked by a potential mate and strung along with the magic phrase "right now" -- is particularly well done, and the story is effectively shared by all of the main characters.

"Hooked" even works in a big name guest star, another consistent strength of the series. Guest star Carrie Underwood does a decent job as pharma girl Tiffany, so much so that it's a little surprising it's her first-ever acting credit. It helps immensely that she has great lines to work with (from "I've always been hot -- whaddaya gonna do?" to her excitement that Jack is "in a band!"), but regardless Underwood doesn't have the stiffness or blatant cue card-reading look that's common with many singers turned actors.

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