Interview with 'Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains' Rupert Boneham

On a tribe of Survivor heroes, Rupert Boneham is more like a superhero. He wears a signature costume that's as recognizable as Batman's nipple-studded chest plate. He has super strength. When he gets excited he even roars like that blue chick from Avatar. He also started as a lowly social worker from Indiana before founding his own charity.

But being a superhero is no easy job. Just ask one.

Swarms of rabid fanboys will tell you that Rupert is a teacher's pet. They say Survivor came up with an excuse to give Rupert a million dollars just because, well, they like pirates. Some are crying foul that he's playing for a third time.

Given that Rich, Tina and Ethan were voted out early in All Stars strictly because they had already won a million, maybe it isn't just the fanboys who root against the over-achievers. Will he be voted out early on, despite his super powers?

I asked Rupert about a potential backlash, as well as his recent participation on the Isreali version of Survivor, and whether he, Tom, Colby and James are the immunity challenge equivalent of the '28 Yankees.

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