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We got another new summer series premiere last night with Mike Judge's (King of the Hill) The Goode Family.

The cartoon - about a family obsessed with doing what's right, yet somehow always ends up doing what's wrong - has received lukewarm reviews by critics.

So who checked out last night's premiere? What did you think? Were the critics wrong?

If you haven't watched, watch it now!


| 12:33 EDT, 10 Jul, 2009
cant believe mike judge went from beavia and butthead to daria to king of the hill, and now this crap. if u dont want to do it anymore dont, shit. (wishes someone would pickup king of the hill)
| 19:04 EDT, 16 Jun, 2009
it had some pretty funny moments and the family was likeable enough. i found myself wishing a few times that the dog would suddenly start talking and add some Brian drole humor to the show but alas!overall, i enjoyed it enough to catch up on the episodes posted so far.
| 08:08 EDT, 05 Jun, 2009
Now that was crappy,I suppose the network will keep it.
| 05:23 EDT, 29 May, 2009
This One Was Pretty Funny, But I Hope It Gets Better As This Is Just The Pilot. I'm Hoping This Will Become A Regular For Me, It Has A Lot Of Potential.
| 21:53 EDT, 28 May, 2009
I was very lukewarm with it, but it did have a few funny one-liners. Not enough to keep my interest, though.
| 21:42 EDT, 28 May, 2009
I thought it was alright. I'll probably keep watching it just because I have nothing else to watch.
| 16:30 EDT, 28 May, 2009
It was pretty good. Not sure if I will tune in again though.
| 15:20 EDT, 28 May, 2009
loved it i'm hooked

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