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With Shrek Forever After about to hit cinemas in the US, DreamWorks is now switching gears to ramp up the promotion for Megamind, launching a new trailer for the superhero comedy that features the voices of Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt and Tina Fey.

Yahoo has the new footage, which you can glimpse below, and gives us a quick introduction to why the villain (Ferrell) is so bent on destroying his goody two-shoes nemesis Metro Man (Pitt). Turns out that they're both aliens from dead planets who arrived on Earth as baby rivals. But while Metro Man has pledged to defend humankind and become a massively popular celebrity, Megamind is the loathed evildoer, seemingly destined to be thwarted in his cunning plans. Or is he?

Tina Fey's stuck in the middle playing Lois Lane-style journalist Roxanne Ritchi, a woman so used to being kidnapped by the bungling villain that she's seen every one of his devious devices.

This one could go either way: it has a fun concept, albeit one that was explored to some degree in Mystery Men. And in terms of CG-toons about superhero archetypes, it has to compete with The Incredibles, which is no easy task. The trailer blends Shrek-alike snark at the comic book cliches with suitably OTT voice work from the cast, but we get the feeling that it'll live and die by the whole film, which has one big, early plot twist that the trailer doesn't mention - spoiler alert for the three people who didn't already know - Megamind actually defeats Metro Man, and must create a new villain, who ends up being a little too successful.

Take a look below and offer up what you think....

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