Co-Host Jill Wagner Wouldn't Mind Experiencing 'Wipeout'

Standing by the sidelines watching person after person go through giant balls for thousands of dollars may be exciting for us, but host Jill Wagner wants to be in on the action. She's never tried to be in the shoes of a participant on Wipeout, although she might just go ahead one day.

"I'm not going to say no, I just haven't yet. But you know they'd never do it without a camera rolling," she told the Boston Herald. None of the other hosts has completed the whole course either.

"They've never tried it," Wagner said of co-hosts John Henson and John Anderson. "I'm really hoping they do it, and my money would be on Anderson. I'd love to see them do it as long as I don't have to go after them. Unless they throw the $50,000 in. Then I'd have to consider it."

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